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Nikon My Nikon Life Facebook Group

Comms - Social Media Community Management

With the continued shift to online and the increasing importance of a strong social media presence, MEA has extended its service offering to include Social Media & Community Management for several of our high-profile clients, further amplifying our work and leverage all key marketing initiatives across multi touchpoints and platforms.

Nikon My Nikon Life Facebook Group
Community Management and the monthly project planning and posting into the group
Comms - Social Media Management

The Brief

To build on and create a highly engaged online community with the MNL Facebook group through organic engagement between community members and also brand, that will lead to the Group's growth month on month through word of mouth.

The Brief

The Experience

A mix of industry experts and the voice of brand come together offering a unique forum to a group of like minded, close knit and highly engaged photographers of all skill levels, sharing insights, advice and tips and tricks with members. Encouraging organic conversation, answering questions and responding to members daily who post beautiful examples of their own content has seen month on month growth in new member numbers and a surge in engagement through increased posts and member participation.

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The Impact

In a 2 months window from taking this community over, we have seen:

  • Membership grow by 30% (3 months) and increasing monthly  
  • On average, 20-30 posts/day, 100+ comments/day, 500 reactions/day.

Compared to the same 3 month period prior:

  • Posts are up by 8%
  • Comments are up by 6%
  • Reactions are up by 5%
  • Top 20 posts of the last month reaching an average of 1,700 people, peaking at approx 7,200

40+  posts from the brand in last month with:  

  • over 25,000 views
  • over 3000 engagements

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