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Enter a Branded Experiential World

John Smith
Enter a Branded Experiential World

No longer is it the norm or even viable for brands in bricks and motor retail today to just expect the customer to come into to store to them. Brands today need to take risks, be daring, engaging and bring theatrics back into play within the cold face of today’s consumer. Brands are doing this more and more today by creating a Branded Experiential World mixed in with the right BA team that know how to disrupt, attract, delight and entice the consumer’s senses enough to stop them dead in their tracks, to be sampled and then taken on a short brand journey that might just happen to lead to a sale that may never have happened in store.

“When Brands come to us, the brief is simple,” says Edward Kaleel, CEO MEA . “If the customer isn’t coming to us, then let’s go take our Brand to them. MEA’s role is often the most crucial part to the overall success, by having to provide that crucial human layer of dynamically trained customer centric Brand Advisors (be it for fragrance, beauty or from a myriad of other product and service pillars we work with nationally) who know how to Traffic Stop!”

It’s a known fact that what might work well in store from a BA’s perspective, doesn’t always translate to success in the outdoor POP UP space. Kaleel adds: “The key to being the right fit for a brand Pop Up is, they must be a Traffic Stopper, one whose smile, coupled with the right body & speak language, allows them to comfortably Traffic Stop consumers who are often head down, going from A to B and not wanting to be disturbed. The key is knowing it’s all a numbers game for the BA. The more consumers you talk too with passion and love of what you are doing, the greater the chance it translates into $$”.

And Success speaks for itself. You bring together the right brand and Pop-Up environment, along with the perfect mix of talent who are highly trained, customer centric Traffic Stopping BAs, and the registers ring loud. As seen over the last 3 weeks with:

Tiffany & Co Westfield Sydney Pop-Up on Pitt Street Mall for for Eau de Toilette Sheer (pictured above)

Located at the entrance to Pitt St Mall, central Sydney

  • MEA tasked with providing amazing fragrance consultants for the week of Mother’s Day. The Fragrance advisors role was to take consumers on the Tiffany journey introducing them to the brighter interpretation of Tiffany & Co. EDP, as a perfect gifting idea for Mother’s Day. Those who purchased also had the option to get their Tiffany bottle engraved for Mother’s Day.

Hermes Westfield Sydney Pop-Up inside shopping centre for the launch of Un Jardin Sur La Lagune – Mother’s day week

Located within Sydney’s Westfield on the ground floor street level

  • MEA tasked with providing fabulous fragrance consultants for Mother’s Day week. On this occasion the BAs engaged with customers to take them on a journey through all the Hermes garden and inspiration while ensuring customers knew this was the perfect luxury Mothers’ Day gift. According to the BAs on counter: customers loved the freshness; a lot of Hermes customer were happy with a new addition and customers

Versace Westfield Sydney Pop-Up on Pitt St Mall for the launch of Eros Flame – week after Mother’s Day

Located at the entrance to Sydney’s central Pitt St Mall

  • MEA rolled out their amazing fragrance consultants once again for the 1st week of launch for MYER Sydney. Fragrance Advisors Traffic Stopped, sampled, introduced and sold-thru the new men’s fragrance, telling of the love story between Eros and Psyche while closing sales in the process. This was popular with the ladies: “Ladies loved this for their boyfriend or husband”. Comments from the Pop-Up BAs: “Returning customers of Versace were very impressed with the scent and a lot of customers said it is perfect timing for Father’s Day”.

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