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How studying at the College of Event Management prepared me for my first role at

Kristen Ciappara
How studying at the College of Event Management prepared me for my first role at

From a young age, I’ve wanted to study event management because of the ever-changing atmosphere and the fact that no day was the same. I kept this same attitude right through college and throughout the process of job searching, hoping to land an entry level role in an event management company. The creative and exciting elements of events was what drew my cohort and myself into wanting to get into the industry. Gala dinners, celebrities, world known fashion brands, you name it! But we soon realised event management wasn't all glamorous. Through working a numerous number of hours on site as a volunteer, I saw the frantic and rewarding side of events.

Keeping a work-life balance within a role at an event marketing agency

A crucial element of studying part time was to ensure a work-life balance. Juggling a social life, working and studying all at once was at times stressful, especially when the major project was due. Looking back now, all these deadlines and the stressful reality of college deadlines were in itself preparing me for the workforce and a usual day within an office. Working at an event marketing agency, you are dealing with a range of clients and tasks daily. The norm is meeting daily, weekly and monthly timelines - just like I am completing my major project briefs again. Classic aspects of major project briefs such as design briefs, production schedules and excel spreadsheets are now daily routine within agency life.

Just like me, the majority of my cohorts were confused on what element of the event industry they would like to endeavor. It is such a large and ever-growing industry that it is hard to know what you really want to get out of it. When my course coordinator suggested the idea of working at an event marketing agency I was surprised as it never crossed my mind before. I felt under qualified to be attending an interview for an events agency with such global clients.

Gaining exposure with an event marketing agency

To my surprise I landed the entry level job through a reference from the College of Event Management and a large range of event experience on my resume. By working in an agency, I can gain extra experience and exposure in aspects an event management company would usually outsource, such as staffing and production management. Over my past few months working at an event agency in Sydney, I have learnt so much from working in a team with such experienced colleagues and look forward to growing in the industry.

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